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Hi there! I am Likhika a Webflow Developer & Web Designer based in India. I can help your business unlock the potential with Customised Web Solutions.

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Web Design

Eye-catching & timeless design

With visually stunning and user-friendly websites, I, as a web designer, ensure your brand's message resonates. Drive conversions and captivate your audience today!

Webflow Development

No more slow & insecure websites

Unleash the power of Webflow! I build fast, responsive websites that you can easily manage. No more additional expenses or reliance on others. Take charge of your online presence now!


SEO Audit and Optimization

Boost your website's visibility with on-page SEO! I offer Technical SEO services to optimize your website for improved rankings, focusing on page speed, minimized assets, and clear heading structure.

Page speed optimization

Do you know a slow site affects SEO?

Slow loading sites lead to high bounce rates, bad SEO , dissatisfied users, and lost revenue. I help reclaim your site speed and supercharge your business's revenue potential

No code Integration

Unleash the power of Webflow Integration

Connect Webflow to Zapier, Hubspot CRM, Memberstack etc.

Content Management

CMS to avoid manual content update

I help create, architect and update content structure. Build real world and complex CMS filters using finsweet attributes.

First impressions matter, so your website should look great and perform perfectly

How we, together, build the perfect website
1. Discovery

We get on a call to know more about your project idea, goals., competitor and target audience. This includes getting information on project scope, budget and to see whether I can help addressing the issue.

2. Planning & Research

I will arrange a strategy session to plan out the whole project, including a detailed timeline, milestones, deliverables. After which we will focus on sitemap & content strategy. This involves getting your feedback before moving to next stage.

3. Wireframe & design

Based on the project requirement, I will create a low fidelity wireframe. After that, it is time to bring the visual design to life, the visual design will be as per your brand value. Again both steps involves your feedback and then we finalise the design.

4. Development

Once design is finalised I will build the site in Webflow, where I will create responsive websites which are not only pixel perfect, fast loading but also SEO optimised. Plus, Webflow has an incredibly simple Content Editor for you and your team to edit website content quickly and easily.

5. Handover & Aftercare

I deliver the final website and provide launch support. Additionally, I offer training for your team on site maintenance and content updates. With Webflow, your team can easily create additional pages without any extra costs or external assistance.

You have questions, let's answer those

Don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected] if you have any questions...
How long does it take to create a website?
How much does it cost?
Can you integrate tool X into Webflow?
Will you take care of my website after it is completed and launched?
Can you provide me with training on how to use Webflow?
I already have a design, can you help me with bringing it to life?
How will I communicate with you?

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